Replacement Windows Mean Energy Savings

If you are a homeowner in Charlotte, NC, looking to lower your monthly energy bills, consider installing modern, efficient, energy-saving replacement windows in your home.

Traditional Windows Waste Energy

Your windows are a prime energy waster in your home. Some estimates say that up to 25% of your home’s total heat loss comes from your traditional double glazed sealed windows. However, with new energy-efficient replacement window technology available from Window World & Siding of Charlotte you can cut down on heat loss, realize significant energy savings and lower your monthly utility bills.

Heat loss is not the only drawback with traditional windows. The same windows that allow heat to escape also fail to keep your house cool in the summer months. Your air conditioner must work harder to maintain your comfort, wasting energy and money.

Energy-saving Window Technology Helps Keeps the Heat In

Modern window glass is treated with special energy-efficient materials. With a modern double-glazed window the inside surfaces of the two glass panes are treated with a special low-emission coating. This helps to reduce the amount of heat that passes through the surface of the glass. The space between the glass layers is filled with an inert gas, typically argon gas, which helps reduce heat loss even further.

Energy-saving Window Technology Helps Keep You Cool

There are further energy-saving treatments that can be applied to your replacement windows. Depending on your home’s location in the Charlotte, NC area, and the amount of sunlight you receive, you can choose to install special coatings to reflect the sunlight away from your home. This will help prevent the sunlight passing through your windows to overheat your interior during the summer months. However, that same sunlight can be an energy saver in the winter, as it helps heat the room and reduce the load on your furnace. This is something to consider when you are choosing your new replacement windows from Window World & Siding.

Energy-efficient Windows are a Wise Investment

Energy-efficient replacement windows from Window World & Siding may cost a little more initially, but you can quickly recoup that investment through significant energy savings. What’s more, they will be a major attraction if and when you sell your home. So make a wise investment in your home. Contact Window World & Siding of Charlotte for your free in-home replacement window consultation today!

Clearly, A Good Choice

As featured in Urban Home magazine…

Susan Burton did a double take when she saw Window World and Siding demonstrate ABC seamless siding at the Southern Living Home Show, last year. She knew it was the product she wanted on her Lake Norman home.

“I needed to replace the wood siding on my house,” said Burton who had been looking at alternatives for several years. The wood on her 1983 built home was rotten in places and had to be repaired and repainted about every two years. She was tired of spending time and money on home maintenance.

She was so pleased with the professionalism of Window World and Siding and with the product, that when she decided to replace her windows this year, the choice was clear. “There was no need for me to look any where else,” said Burton, an in-flight supervisor with US Airways.

John Marino of Window World and Siding says his company is the best kept home improvement secret in Charlotte. Locally owned and operated, the company has been in business for 20+ years and is one of the oldest window and siding companies in town. Window World & Siding is not only proud of its reputation but its award winning service for over 10 consecutive years. Window World & Siding has also been consistently rated Best of Charlotte year after year.

According to Burton, they live up to their reputation. In fact, she was stunned by their professionalism and workmanship. “They showed up when they said they would, were courteous and have a superior product,” said Burton.

And that’s a recommendation backed by their association with the Charlotte Better Business Bureau. Since becoming a member in 1988, Window World and Siding has never had a complaint filed against them. And in the industry that has more complaints than any other – home improvement – that’s saying a lot.

“We don’t sub contract any of our installation work,” reported Marino. “Most of our employees have been with the company for over 17+ years and have at least 25+ years experience in siding and window installation,” he added.

With thousands of satisfied customers, chances are someone you know or one of your neighbors has used Window World and Siding to improve their home. Most of their customers come by referral from other, satisfied customers. And since the company does very little advertising, they can offer lower prices allowing their customers to save from 30 to 50 percent of what their competitors charge.

Along with competitive pricing, Window World and Siding includes a written lifetime warranty on workmanship and service for as long as the homeowner lives in the home.

“The average in the industry is one to five years,” said Marino. And this usually includes only the product, not the labor to install the replacement.

Window World and Siding stakes their reputation on the quality of their products and their excellent customer service. Just ask Susan Burton.